14 February 2010

Our Song

I need you.

Like a clock needs hands,

you gift me with purpose,

The same as the moon and sun need a place to shine,

Just like ears inhale music,

You are the strongest peace in my mind.

You are a resting place for my loftiest ideas I want to give you my life

And then live as if tomorrow comes every 30 minutes,

If I can't smell the sunshine of the rest my mornings laying beside you and playing in your hair I will turn to death and smile.

Being in love with you is a poem and every time I see, hear, feel, speak, touch or taste you I reminisce of the only reason I am content with being alive.

Your beauty gave a voice to the masterful creations that were silent in me,

when I heard you laugh for the first time color saturated tears of my past uncertainties.

While my mind drowned itself in you I birthed dreams that muted the heartbeat of my greatest inspiration.

I will Love, protect, admire, Encourage, and support you as if it were my reason for being born,

Now you should understand better why I pray so often and speak your name during my conversations with the Lord...

It is because He gave me the perfect woman and I could never nor do I desire to love another.

Sweetheart, I see greatness in what you categorize as flaws.

The way God loves me I love you and time waits for us.


From the moment you were held in the arms of my eyes I felt my prayers,hopes, desires and expectations making room in my heart for you than I lost my appetite.

Nothing but joy and passion inhabits my empty stomach. I think like a dream, I have lost my mind.

Like the toes of an Oak tree stretch toward the sound of water my nose looks for your fragrance,

I daydream of your laughter and smile whenever I think of those two windows into which I can be vulnerable in front of and look into when I need inspiration, love, or just for someone to listen...

I stare out of them when we are intimate.

My heart flinches when I see sad tears run across the only lips I will ever kiss.

I put my lips on yours and together we taste away the sorrows,

embrace each other tight enough to scare away every generational curse and affectionate fear then while smiling at each other we belittle our torments,

this love is what births every tomorrow.

Tonight I want to be inside you.

Deeper than usual and together we are going to speak unintelligible words, secrets and run pass the pleasure, tastes, feelings and sounds that are familiar until we become weak then crawl to a new strength and without hesitating lose our minds, sight and hearing only to meditate, behold and listen to the colors,

swim in God's laughter,

fearless, vulnerable, and unashamed creating positions more beautiful than constellations and sunsets.

Our bodies have become braided together,

this is more powerful than love making because both our minds know Love

we are recklessly basking in the fulfillment of this rapturous moment.

You and I are drained but not yet empty,

more than satisfied because unlike others we held each other and lost control until we felt God's creative ideas and bathed in beauty.

Breathing deeply in an ocean that likes us so we didn't drown but became high,

we inspired two bodies to appear as one word in the eyes of reality.Gorgous.

Fighting hard to keep closed those hands that hold the songs that possess the image to our soul.

You are not less than me and I am not less than you so we are victorious as we lose.

We finally release and allow the perfect melody to be sung...

It felt like eternity and there is only enough energy for us to blink three times,

exchange an I love you and a smile.

Tomorrow we will laugh, prepare our world and think of what to name Our Song.

08 February 2010

his Daytime

Inside Daytime,
I always knew of the forever felt in our love
Having a permanence of eternity that is only experienced in death
Its beauty is brighter than every morning sun
And night star
For that reason hastily it summons me
And I see fear
It stills me...
And I want you, inside my mind
body and soul
Walking into darkness, I
feel your presence
I reach for you as though I am blind
Many have understood this logic and vision
And not waited in pain
So sure there is nothing else to live for
Not tasting the purest nectar nor hearing the perfect sounds... of my Lovers breaths
beside me
Dreaming of more than love and inhaling
ethers that carry colors
onto notes whispered from my Lover
We have sat on top of clouds,
Admiring angels in flight
laughing into each others eyes never seeing an end
I have watched a rose bloom and you have smelled the fragrance
We are aware with our eyes closed
Like the moment of a kiss
Flowing hair
moving waters in a stream
a gentle evening breeze
Tall trees standing
through all seasons...
Deafening silence during a sunset
Muted ages that smile
No hunger or thirst
Because of a feast,
...it means,
I am in love.