21 October 2009


As if
I walk into a coffin and the smell of life
is covered by a veil of
sheer delight
i wonder why it appears so easy
to be unclothed
from my comfort of black tears and
bitter solitude.

I lay
in the filth of my decisions and
choke from my actions
not knowing that I could see from the beginning i was a part
of his cyclic plan
kissing me with those charred lips
as soon as I took my first breath
he aided the doctors fingers
to release
the cord from around my neck.

Down, and falling
but always seeing up never to grasp the end. Never being mutilated
to feel only... bottomless in a pit
of shards of glass that dance like worms
awaiting me
hungry beasts foam and salivate
for my end to begin, my pain speeds their pace
anticipation is seen in their stride
of a love gone bad.

To become
a decaying blood clot between
evils teeth-i would rather become
than to feel tenderness blanket me...
again, exhale the warmth from my breast
to inhale the chilled angst of what is to become
an end to a beginning, seen
of no time
only echoes of unheard screams
eyes closed in peace