22 June 2009


How and when did thoughts of us start to form
I thought it was reaching through darkness for a hand,
before time started our journeys
I know now,that's when our minds met.

We were there at His fountain drinking...
and being filled completely.
The familiarity of your music and my laugh
came from whence we would stand,
there in His presence.

Not knowing that again our souls would meet
to smile and dance
while passing on a street
Learning to
trust in Him to carry our hearts.

I think in questions, praying for answers
to join with you again
Is it only for us to be at His fountain
together-that way
only, again.

Why do you come to my dreams
touching me with your poetry, and a gaze
giving a happiness and freedom
that's familiar,
and real.

Pray with me to know,
if it is not in His will-my acceptance to Him
trust...knowing what is greatest for
me, He'll place it
in your eyes.

I'll live with my path and cry a smile,
knowing that what He has planned
is ineffably better than us,
not feeling each others warmth and special touch.

If it is for me to live at your feet
to give you all of your heart's treasures,
and soul's smiles
by being the jewel that you saw as a child
I will one day more than feel.

To know from Him that there
is nothing together,
better than us.