01 January 2010


Its not falling in love but it helped me trip...
It is sightless beauty.
Unlike faith or hope because it is for my mind a bath of visions.
My eyes are given nothing neither are my ears, hands or mouth but they drown in its essence when I don't try to use them.
It's like the tears of laughter the laugh of music,
The color of eternity and a dream's musing.
If it were for your eyes it would be like watching a woman stand beneath a waterfall that doesn't pour water but all the things we as godly men pray for.
Then imagine marrying her.
She never dries just remains soaked with the harvest of your childhood, adolescent, and adult hopes and because of the love that is often colored, softly known you behold forever become old.
It would be sitting in front of the faucet from which all reveries flow...
Or if it were meant for your ears it would be listening to that angel blinking its head of eyes. Or like hearing a cherubims talk with the voices of a protective lion, restless owls, and laughing turtle doves.
This is similar to falling in love.
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