29 July 2008

Lyrical Love ~FOREWORD

We cross paths with people whose purpose on Earth includes helping you along the way. These Angels pull you out of the way of a moving vehicle, or may be that person lending you their shoulder to cry on. We tend to associate those special people and moments with a signature feeling.

I am blessed to have had a special encounter with poetry. There are few individuals who see this world and their role in it, from unique perspectives. When witnessing an embrace, a soldier clinging to his life, or a baby taking his first breath, most people see isolated incidences. This special lady absorbs these pivotal moments as poetry. When you realize your gift and why God created you, you must share that gift with the world. Well World, here she comes. Through her scribes, she touched my heart with her faith, pain, questions, miracles and desire to walk in God's footsteps.

Forever transformed after reading her prose, I lifted my pen in her honor and named this special lady Ms. Lyrical Love. What better way to tell someone that they have awakened you---and inspired you, than with a poem? Who is Ms. Lyrical Love to you and I?
Read below, get comfortable, and join me in revisiting her soul over and over again.

28 July 2008


♪MS. LYRICAL LOVE ♪Copyright © 2008 by The Lost Rose

So overflowing with passion that it trickled across a page I read one day
The language from your soul ignited sensations
that even I...couldn’t keep at bay

The journeys that you navigate through sometimes get a little rough
Your thirst to be adored and loved also makes your traveled path tough

Society ills and selfish wills come within reach of you…from Satan’s thrills
It’s because day by day you are covered and living with God’s Whip Appeal!

In you…I found someone whose thoughts, dreams and desires stimulate mine
And with each piece of your journalized soul you send chills…up and down my spine

Amongst the loudest of the earth’s noises your collective words become acoustical
Maybe that's why in my nightly dreams of you…your name is actually Lyrical

My knew pioneered inspiration…is you…you are who I will constantly speak of
Because I now have verified one of God’s greatest creation…Ms. Lyrical Love

Your poems are becoming my nightly fantasies…
I yearn for you to make them all come true.
And I know that you are qualified…so this request…could only be granted by you.

Write my mind at a sandy beach on a peaceful Sunday morning…

…Releasing into the sky…a beautiful White Dove
Your words are like a soothing touch in flight…that sends me soaring above
Hurry up and touch me again…Pretty Please!…Ms. Lyrical Love!

Keep sharing your skill and observe the world as it begins to change
For one ounce of your vision…all of my talents I would exchange

Your interpretation of “Fear” permitted me to hear you shrieking
Your gift allowed you to scream loudly Lyrical…without…ever…speaking

One day your poems will save someone, encourage someone and unite every…one.
And soon we will all be standing and chanting -8…3…1-

I have walked around for years trying to find my manuscript soul mate
And I will wait until you put a pen to a pad for the start of our next date

Living, Loving and Laughing seems to be your only goal
So at night I pray, that God’s graceful hand helps you to remain complete and whole

Because He has chosen you…Ms. Lyrical Love…

…To caress and awaken all of our souls.

One last thing Ms. Lyrical Love,


27 July 2008

Lyrical Love831

I finally can see my way. I can see the light clearly leading me to my destiny. I have to have tunnel vision now, because it is easy to not see what is in front of me. I thank HIM for keeping me close, even when I wanted to stray. I knew he had a task for me that would lead others to the light that is there. We are all born with a gift that makes our task easy. If you are a believer you know that we were born to worship, which for me means that our gift(task) should glorify HIM. The one requirement that aids in our task is to love. Simply, wholeheartedly~LOVE! That is the song that I'll sing through my words.© 2008 Lyrical Love831

25 July 2008

I need 2See U differently...

I need to see you…
By Lyrical Love

I need to see you differently
Not as my other half
I am burying that in my past
I need to see you differently
For me to see you I have to trust
That is gone and survival is a must
I need to see you differently
Not as my future, not as my king
That is why I have switched my ring
I need to see you differently
As someone who will soon depart
You are no longer there in my heart
I need to see you differently
For my beginning to arise
I am sorry you are not privy to my prize
I need to see you differently
And I wish you well, and to become new
For my love was right. Just not for you.
© 2008 Lyrical Love831

21 July 2008


Not just my flesh

I feel you not just in my flesh, but in my spirit
In my spirit you help
HIM heal me
you bring...it
Not just in my flesh
but in my heart...it races, and skips spaces
its teaching me to trust love again
and believe
to live the end...to again begin
Not just my flesh...oh boy
you are bringing me my stolen joy
what is deeper than not just my flesh
my nerves, my blood, my bones
that hold me
mold me
create in me
and make me...moan
when not just my flesh can be touched
but what you do to my mind
when you cannot see my behind~
and when not just my flesh, you can reach
your soul can teach
not just my flesh
but protect, and cover
not as my lover
but as my soldier, and warrior of light
travel through the dark
until you
more for me
than just my flesh.
© 2008 Lyrical Love831


Finding a new poet
is like finding a new wildflower
out in the woods. You don't see

its name in the flower books, and
nobody you tell believes
in its odd color or the way

its leaves grow in splayed rows
down the whole length of the page. In fact
the very page smells of spilled

red wine and the mustiness of the sea
on a foggy day - the odor of truth
and of lying.

And the words are so familiar,
so strangely new, words
you almost wrote yourself, if only

in your dreams there had been a pencil
or a pen or even a paintbrush,
if only there had been a flower.

Linda Pastan

15 July 2008


I think about my first time…
Walking in the rain
As a little girl…I felt no pain
Think about my happy firsts as a kid
To combat emotions of what my Daddy did
Think about how each time I saw my Mother’s smile
How happy I was…because it had been gone for a while
Think about my daughter’s cute dimples
How life for her is plain, and simple
Think about who has come to me…and why
Sometimes…when I stare up...at the sky
Think about those that have gone before me… first
And hope it was quenched for them...what I thirst
Think about long life first…an eternity… now in my ~quest
To give all who feel me…my best
Think not to remember who hurt me last
Forgiving, puts that in the past
Think I should remember all my first…kisses & hugs, pains & pleasures, tears & fears, joys & sorrows, the love & the hate, the thrills, & the spills…and on & on…
& who, or what brought them to me …

by Lyrical Love831 Copyright © 2008