12 December 2009

A poem.

Listening to colors laugh

We speak a different language the same as angels,

not just with our lips but fingertips and expressions,

without words but fragrances and colors conversations last for light-years for above the sun is where we are.

I am able to articulate these verbal inventions because these lips have kissed a star,

that shines as bright during the day as it does in the dark.

Her smile steals beats from my heart you should hear us talk...

For we speak a different language the same as paintings,

its not english but Rembrandt and Van Gough and sometimes her fragrance sounds like Thelonious Monk.

Round about midnight her skin feels like the ocean's thoughts,

my hands often go for a swim just to comprehend the most beautifully complex topic that can be studied...


A sacred blend of virtue, allure, wit, beauty, and God.

Her smile can eclipse the sun,

when she walks I feel the need to applaud.

In her eyes there is a riddle that I don't care if I never solve because that means I can gaze for the rest of my life into the windows of such a gorgeous soul.

When I run my fingers through her hair I hear a song,

I touch her with a reverent spirit because she was once touched by the hands of God.

You should listen in on our conversations and if you close your eyes its like being in a spaceship,

this love is so potent I think birds can taste it,

her hugs are to me what ganja is to a rasta after one I am lifted.

She is everything and way more than I've ever imagined effortlessly erasing the women of my past,

she was meant for me and there is nothing like her simply because being with her is like listening to colors laugh.

-Marvin Lewis Jr.

03 December 2009

बात करना बंद करो

blackened form made me go into a time and become lost
time stopped
and left me to be here
enticing me with the beckoning finger and forced grin
one hand hidden behind a stooped back
knowing it smelled unfamiliar and rotten
my feet were moving
in spite of my gut saying no
my heart became trapped
im trapped
in a space thats
changing me
im feeling lighter
with less color
no joy when i see the sun
the birds sing but i hear screams
i avoided falling
into this space when
i was five
he came back for me
with the same
candy, but my need was different
i carried desperation which made me, easy
i was tired and hungry
so i ate.

21 October 2009


As if
I walk into a coffin and the smell of life
is covered by a veil of
sheer delight
i wonder why it appears so easy
to be unclothed
from my comfort of black tears and
bitter solitude.

I lay
in the filth of my decisions and
choke from my actions
not knowing that I could see from the beginning i was a part
of his cyclic plan
kissing me with those charred lips
as soon as I took my first breath
he aided the doctors fingers
to release
the cord from around my neck.

Down, and falling
but always seeing up never to grasp the end. Never being mutilated
to feel only... bottomless in a pit
of shards of glass that dance like worms
awaiting me
hungry beasts foam and salivate
for my end to begin, my pain speeds their pace
anticipation is seen in their stride
of a love gone bad.

To become
a decaying blood clot between
evils teeth-i would rather become
than to feel tenderness blanket me...
again, exhale the warmth from my breast
to inhale the chilled angst of what is to become
an end to a beginning, seen
of no time
only echoes of unheard screams
eyes closed in peace

26 August 2009

13 August 2009

Life is like a box of crayons. Most people are the 8-color boxes, but what you're really looking for are the 64-color boxes with the sharpeners on the back. I fancy myself to be a 64-color box, though I've got a few missing. It's ok though, because I've got some more vibrant colors like periwinkle at my disposal. I have a bit of a problem though in that I can only meet the 8-color boxes. Does anyone else have that problem? I mean there are so many different colors of life, of feeling, of articulation.. so when I meet someone who's an 8-color type.. I'm like, hey girl, magenta! and she's like, oh, you mean purple! and she goes off on her purple thing, and I'm like, no - I want magenta!

John Mayer
American Singer & Song Writer 1977-

30 July 2009


We met at my birth
gently you gave me my first kiss
with a Promise
lovingly you wanted her
so how could you try to destroy me
with your words
how did your touch begin to bring me pain
and wounds
pressed so deeply
that they have damaged
the part of me needed to fly
under your foot I broke free
five year old
little old me
Showing you my scars
and telling you my pain
smiles you Promised
for me
with vows
that it would never rain
so how could you try to destroy me
with your words
how did your touch begin to bring me pain
and wounds
pressed so deeply
that they have damaged
the part of me needed to fly
under your foot I broke free
twenty-five year old
little old me.

03 July 2009


I should have looked better,
with an enhanced vision...of you
getting my prize, that lays between my thighs

Letting you feel my energy,
and have my number...was the start of
my biggest blunder

Tasting your fruit,
and not recognizing the flavor...
was not a reason for me to think...to savor

Minute one, day two, and definitely not month
three was not enough knowledge, or truth
displayed for a Queen like me

I have looked at the best...of what I have that's tangible
like the fine crystal vase, my highest count threads...
but not before I opened my legs

I contemplated long and hard before spending
700.00 dollars for the shoes
known as Jimmy Choo's

I waited a year checking & trying for a better fit
...noting the quality, and waiting for a while
for that one pair with the right style

Asking many questions on-line,
trying to find, even one flaw...before covering
...my feet...

I spent more time & energy for shoes at places
...than I did for a man that would be right for my life
...not knowing he would bring me harm and strife

The next time I will recognize that exotic taste...of his fruit
when for sure... I am in search of a man

with my own plan

I will now see without those blinding rose colored glasses, and not be amused by swagger, curls, and

I will hide my prize up on a shelf...and not display
God's given gifts,

and talent...

for a time.

~~ ~~

I will not let the ungodly feel my energy,
or come in my face, to invade my presence ...a real man of character
knows his place.

I'll check with the Master 1st, for that man that thinks he knows...

the plan
...of him, being My~ godly man.

22 June 2009


How and when did thoughts of us start to form
I thought it was reaching through darkness for a hand,
before time started our journeys
I know now,that's when our minds met.

We were there at His fountain drinking...
and being filled completely.
The familiarity of your music and my laugh
came from whence we would stand,
there in His presence.

Not knowing that again our souls would meet
to smile and dance
while passing on a street
Learning to
trust in Him to carry our hearts.

I think in questions, praying for answers
to join with you again
Is it only for us to be at His fountain
together-that way
only, again.

Why do you come to my dreams
touching me with your poetry, and a gaze
giving a happiness and freedom
that's familiar,
and real.

Pray with me to know,
if it is not in His will-my acceptance to Him
trust...knowing what is greatest for
me, He'll place it
in your eyes.

I'll live with my path and cry a smile,
knowing that what He has planned
is ineffably better than us,
not feeling each others warmth and special touch.

If it is for me to live at your feet
to give you all of your heart's treasures,
and soul's smiles
by being the jewel that you saw as a child
I will one day more than feel.

To know from Him that there
is nothing together,
better than us.

08 May 2009

One day...

One day
we'll build
a raft
and put a mattress
on it.
We will take our clothes
and discard them
in the water.
We will love
each other
under a bright sky

14 April 2009

12 April 2009

Lyrical Love
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08 April 2009


touch me

without your skin

touch me again
and again and again

say Baby dream...
come on
once more

(i look at you)
say dream

not for me
but for You
i wanna see

see something
in me.
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04 April 2009

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08 February 2009

Needing you

Stepping into the pool of tears
I wake from a dream to stand on my feet
Feeling endlessly
an eternity beneath me
Do I dream while I am awake?
Did you put your foot in the water too?
Making a ripple 
Altering my mind and thoughts, and 
That caused a chillin’ feelin’
of tiny whispers of cymbals
That wouldn’t stop.
Too dark in here this room seems
Relentless, never ending and like an eternity of bliss
Your kiss.
I am enveloped in stillness
My sound is like the hollow ongoing hum
of a drum
Numbing me, yet pulling me
Onto you…
The temperature here must be free
Because I am naked and yet clad
By this experience
I hold out my hand to reach for you
The length of my arm extends too far away
From my heart
I feel you through the movement of my hair
No sight of this presence possessed
Surrounding space
Leaving me not...
lonely and in search of
A direction 
And now I hold myself and feel 
Peace. As I follow the nape of my neck
Running my fingers-tipping for sight
Welcoming my smile
I can step out-not knowing where I
Or where I am going and feel
Safe knowing you are there, and here
To guide me with your love, out of the still

07 February 2009

Cracked Abyss

Moisten your lips in preparation of what is here…
I called you and you came
leaving a wife
Kids, hope, strength …dreams
As you saw the images coming into view
Everything you believed in
and that believed in you
You just sat them on the shore
Taking that step to the oceans floor…
The abyss.
What was gone now awaits your welcoming kiss
once hidden by the one that left you desolate and vile
now returning and bestowing
you with seven times the supremacy, and domination
over your mere existence
as before
you folded, and the pipe reigns
no resistance like a worn rubber band
You stood up and showed the fallen one your hand
Take me in deep…
Finally, you will peacefully sleep
resting in my desires
Trust in me
let me own your soul
Pay me forever with your life’s toll
Yes you are mine now to destroy
Feel me rise into darkness from lost joy
Love me!
The wanted ruler of your tomorrows
Look into my eyes and not see your Mother’s sorrow
I owe you nothing from my empty promises of pain and suffering
But I rape you of Everything
Because you looked back into my eyes
I char your mind with my images and demise
Unaware of my plan to raze many,
I sought you for my tyranny.
I thank you with the lives ruined by my touch
Through you
…Because you gave up so much.

27 January 2009

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