12 December 2009

A poem.

Listening to colors laugh

We speak a different language the same as angels,

not just with our lips but fingertips and expressions,

without words but fragrances and colors conversations last for light-years for above the sun is where we are.

I am able to articulate these verbal inventions because these lips have kissed a star,

that shines as bright during the day as it does in the dark.

Her smile steals beats from my heart you should hear us talk...

For we speak a different language the same as paintings,

its not english but Rembrandt and Van Gough and sometimes her fragrance sounds like Thelonious Monk.

Round about midnight her skin feels like the ocean's thoughts,

my hands often go for a swim just to comprehend the most beautifully complex topic that can be studied...


A sacred blend of virtue, allure, wit, beauty, and God.

Her smile can eclipse the sun,

when she walks I feel the need to applaud.

In her eyes there is a riddle that I don't care if I never solve because that means I can gaze for the rest of my life into the windows of such a gorgeous soul.

When I run my fingers through her hair I hear a song,

I touch her with a reverent spirit because she was once touched by the hands of God.

You should listen in on our conversations and if you close your eyes its like being in a spaceship,

this love is so potent I think birds can taste it,

her hugs are to me what ganja is to a rasta after one I am lifted.

She is everything and way more than I've ever imagined effortlessly erasing the women of my past,

she was meant for me and there is nothing like her simply because being with her is like listening to colors laugh.

-Marvin Lewis Jr.

03 December 2009

बात करना बंद करो

blackened form made me go into a time and become lost
time stopped
and left me to be here
enticing me with the beckoning finger and forced grin
one hand hidden behind a stooped back
knowing it smelled unfamiliar and rotten
my feet were moving
in spite of my gut saying no
my heart became trapped
im trapped
in a space thats
changing me
im feeling lighter
with less color
no joy when i see the sun
the birds sing but i hear screams
i avoided falling
into this space when
i was five
he came back for me
with the same
candy, but my need was different
i carried desperation which made me, easy
i was tired and hungry
so i ate.